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Shekina ~ Priestess of Light
Renowned Channel, Healer, Angelic Messenger
 Harmonic Vocalist Singer in the Language Light for Mother Goddess Shekinah

"Please note: All session scheduled in Mountain Standard Time  Sedona, AZ."

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Shekina is a very powerful yet gently divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairvoyant. She works with your highest guides and realms and directly with 'SHEKINAH', the Sacred Divine Feminine in the Blue Ray and the Angelic Star Tribes.

· Channeled Readings ·
· Sacred Healings ·
Master Heart Frequency ·
Empathic Star Being Upgrade
· Blue Ray Reconnection·
· Language Of Light Activation ·
· Archangel Activations ·
· Goddess Attunements ·
· Archangel Chamber Attunement Grid Activation·
· Rose Ray Annointing Shekinah Dispensation· 
on phone or in  Sedona AZ

What is so unique about Shekina's healings are her voice transmissions" have been analyzed by a Physicist and her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) and amazingly 6 other frequencies of the grid of God. Those sacred sounds can heal cancer and rise your Chi or Om Energy beyond comparison to awake your soul to meet with God.

Soul Reading with Miracle 528 Hz Love Frequency and DNA Repair

Be aligned to your greatest potential, raising your frequency to attract your highest dreams hopes and wishes.
· What is your soul wishing to speak?
· What is the most important factor that can bring everything together in your life and spirit?
· What is your true path and purpose?
· What are your spiritual gifts?

· $144 for a Soul Reading with 528 HZ Love Frequency.
· Over the phone, 40 minutes.
· Shekina Rose spends 25 minutes before your session with your Soul, Higher Self and Guides. She receives clear direct guidance and starts the healing and activation process. To assist in getting the most out of your activation spend 25 minutes before your session allowing for this healing by being quiet, praying, listening to spiritual music or meditating.

New Year Soul Readings and Current Life Situation Moving Forward

With Miracle 528 Hz Love Ancient Secret Solfeggio Frequencies

Receive Invaluable information Messages and Divine Revelations from your Spirit Guide that will jump start your soul's transformation and ascension process, and any situation you are now facing. By knowing your personal higher knowledge and what divine energetic tools you can now access, will put you in your Divine Power empowering your life's Purpose.

· Receive powerful guidance from your Soul, Guides, Angels and guardians that will be necessary for your life's path to bring clarity and harmony into your life. Reading will assist you to shift the energy of current situation for you to move forward showing you how to be in your center and divine power
· What challenges or energies will be necessary for you to transform and transcend so you may bring peace and balance to your living situations, goals and ascension.
· Find out your divine tools and new energies that are available to you now that can dynamically shift and enhance your souls gifts and life purpose.
· Gain clarity on how to move forward towards your highest Goals and greatest hearts desires through grace and ease.
· Soul Contracts- if Soul reading is about dealing with relationships or a relationship, find out what the Soul Contracts is; Are you finished with the Soul Contract, Is this person your soul mate, How do you move forward in your relationship.

As we closely approach 2012 there is a quickening of your ascension and in relationships that is creating a greater access to your Souls Divine Power. This allows for you to utilize profound ancient wisdom and opportunities of the highest realms that were not available to you before. Knowing and integrating your divine tools can create a life of higher purpose that opens doorways of opportunities of miracles and magic.

· $144 for a Soul Reading with 528 HZ Love Frequency.
· Over the phone, 40 minutes.
· Shekina Rose spends 25 minutes before your session with your Soul, Higher Self and Guides. She receives clear direct guidance and starts the healing and activation process. To assist in getting the most out of your activation spend 25 minutes before your session allowing for this healing by being quiet, praying, listening to spiritual music or meditating.

Language of Light DNA Core Ascension Activation

· Miracle Transformation Healing & Revelations from your Soul essence
· DNA Repair in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio frequency Sound transmissions

"Shekina's voice transmissions" have been analyzed by a Physicist and her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair} and amazingly 6 other frequencies of the grid of God. The Language of Light frequencies renews, regenerates at the atomic structure to your Divine Original Blue Print (God DNA).

The 528Hz Miracle and Grid of God sound transmissions frequencies will illuminate your higher heart that can instantly transmute and transcend damaged genetics, disease, anxiety, depression, low self worth, entitles and addictions to harmony and peace

Receive direct guidance from your soul and I am Presence that places you on a higher path of your true essence and holy Christed Self

· Opens you to channel with you higher guides and Christ self.
· Empowers your life Purpose
· Complete alignment to your divine power
· Fine tunes your intuition, your inner guidance, clairvoyant and innate spiritual gifts
· Increases a stronger reconnection with your soul essence
· Opening of the heart and a deep reconnection to love from within
· Deep emotional release: letting go of old pain and emotional blocks
· Mind clearing: release of old beliefs systems, thought patterns and mental programming that are not serving you and you are ready to let go of
· Healing of stuck energies within the body which allows for a pathway of healing of physical ailments and discomfort
· Raising of your vibration and light frequency on all levels
· Increase your ability to manifest with ease and grace
· A reawakening of joy, creativity and enthusiasm, and letting go of FEAR

· $165 for a session.
· Over the phone, 40 minutes.
· Shekina Rose spends 25 minutes before your session with your Soul, Higher Self and Guides. She receives clear direct guidance and starts the healing and activation process. To assist in getting the most out of your activation spend 25 minutes before your session allowing for this healing by being quiet, praying, listening to spiritual music or meditating.

Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection
For Star Seeds and Light Bearers

This sacred star integration will increase your aura and light body that strengthens your Divine Will, Power, Your Full Potential, Missions on our planet, Latent Spiritual Abilities, Abundance, and Wisdom into every facet of your life. Brings your missing, recovered and essential higher mastery parts of your true essence that were apart of you from the angelic kingdoms, ascended star races and ancient divine people in perfect harmony and grace

Though sound resonance of the ancient sacred technology, your star gate will be activated through the God Code points harmonizing, balancing and integrating your true sacred self.

The Challenge of the star seed and ultra sensitive empathy has been, when you went into isolation, retreat, closing off your aura to protect your self in a world so foreign to your true light You may unknowingly started a process of making your true expression smaller. This slowly created some disconnections to your holy alignment to God and Creation.

This time is different and your full expression and ascension is being called for you to experience the full beauty of Gods love of creation in everyway!

Check out the 'Power of the Power of the Blue Ray' Sacred high frequency Light Workers Amulets worn as jewelry and used a protection peaces and portals to the divine. Click here

· $165 for a session.
· In person or over the phone.

               DNA Upgrade Template

Clearing Master Codes DNA Cellular Healing Activation ~ Shekinah's Grace Divine Dispensation ~
Transmuting Core Soul Issues

Divine Dispensation of the ancient sacred technologies will activate your God DNA Template using the Solfeggio Sound Frequencies the "Language of Light" that triggers an ancient encodement of sacred alignment for you to embody your Higher Self Christed Essence that raises your vibrational frequency in your body.

These healing codes restructures your DNA to the Christ Pattering that allows for Shekinah's Graces to remove frequency distortions and lower vibrating energetic blockages, from both the chemical DNA and the DNA template to a Unified Field transmuting negativity.

You will be checked by advanced scanning methods to remotely scan your body's energy fields and then repairing them through the new Divine Dispensation Octaves of Light Ancient healing Codes, given to Shekina from the Higher Realms. This will allow for the activation of your Divine Original Blue Print that increases your Crystalline Light Body, so you may experience the magnificence of your radiant essence, increasing Joy, Love and Peace In your life.

Angelic Human Upgrade New CHAKRA SYSTEM

DNA Upgrade Template

· Removes veils of distortions and allusion to your True Divine Power & Truth
· Strengthens your Light Bodies and Energy fields
· Creates greater access to the Life Force, Cosmic Pulse and to Source Creation increasing your manifestation, energy and true essence.
· Clears, Transmutes and transcends implants, negativity, negative thought forms, past life vows, entities, spirit attachments, self sabotage, and blockages
· Increases your telepathic and divine communion with the Angelic, Ascended Higher Light Realms and Dimensions, and your Souls Divine Power
· Creates gateways to higher opportunities, profound wisdom, Your Higher Purpose, Sacred Gifts, increasing transcendence, alchemy and Grace in your life.
· You will receive profound Divine Guidance that will assist you in clearing and resolving lingering Core Soul issue so you can move forward on a higher path- "be open"

Divine Mothers Dispensation to End of Suffering & Separation

Some of you may experience in your ascension process that you are ready to reach the next highest level of your ascension, the Christos, and Rose Ray levels and have challenges in shifting to that frequency in your body and maintaining it.

What can happen are discordant energies, unknown vows, lurking underling core issues and a mismatch alignment to the Christ Grid can occur that sabotages the process for you to reach the next level of your Christ consciousness. Many of the Blue Rays and Light Bears because of their empathic nature and ultra sensitivity can over accumulate excessive of energies and or openings in their energetic fields letting in interference. Because many of you are transformers and have done this for so long you may not know you have open doorways in your energy fields.

Mother Shekinah's Divine Dispensation empowers the Healing Codes to gently, yet powerfully transcends though Grace and unconditional Love that instantly transforms negativity and closes doorways in your energy fields that are not in God alignment If you are truly ready with an open heart it can happen that quick. And if you need more time for a slower integration Divine intelligence will bring this alignment to you in perfect Divine timing. Know that the session is complete and working in the higher realms and in your life, as this is the way of Grace through the Divine Mother Shekinah Rose and Blue Ray.

Shekina Rose has been gifted with amazing extra sensory spiritual sight, clarity, transcendence, communion with the higher realms and the healing codes of Creation; the miracle sound Solfeggio Frequencies that has been documented by science. Through her sacred abilities to connect astrally at the highest level, Shekina Rose can see your Soul Spirit essence bringing the healing Codes and wisdom giving you exactly what it is needed at the time of your session.

Caution: Please take responsibility for your own healing. You maybe given healing and integration methods from your highest guides/Higher Self that will assist in your DNA Upgrade Template -do your best to follow this divine guidance. This is a very powerful energetic upgrade this will shift your life and energetics. What you are still resisting that is not in higher alignment will shows it self. You will also be free to soar to new heights as there is not the resistance or blockage holding you back any longer. You are free!

· $255 for a session over the phone
· Over the phone 40 to 90 minutes depending on the sacred work that's need to occur
· Shekina Rose spends 30 minutes before your session with your Soul, Higher Self and Guides. She receives clear direct guidance and starts the healing and activation process and performs the advanced scanning method to remotely scan your body's energy fields and repair them.

· To assist in getting the most out of your activation spend 30 minutes before your session allowing for this healing by being quiet, praying, listening to spiritual music or meditating.

Goddess Transformations

Shekina's Goddess Attunement

· Receive Divine Feminine Powers through the chakras.
· Become energetically balance and healed.
· Receive spiritual gifts and divine healing from the Goddess of Light to enhance your life's path and purpose.

Divine Mother Goddess Shekina and the Goddesses of Light will empower each of your energy centers of your chakras to expand your sacred power, blessing you with peace and light, showering you with their spiritual gifts and transforming you with healing prayers for you to use in your daily life.

“This is a very sacred and holy Attunement given by Mother Goddess Shekina and the Goddesses of Light to awaken and heal the divine feminine spirit within and bring balance and healing to you”.

A handout with messages, transformational prayers, intentions and how to use their sacred power in your life will be given to you at the time of your attunement.

The Goddesses of Light will bless you with the following gifts during the attunement:

· Shekina, the Divine Mother Goddess will shower you with the holy spirit and awaken you to your unique spiritual gifts from your soul star.
· Mary Magdalene- Christian Goddess will reunite you with your twin flame showing you how to use the golden ray of Alchemy at your crown chakra.
· Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Sacred Mysteries will gently opens your psychic vision and higher truth at your 3rd eye
· Mother Mary, Christian Goddess -Mother of Jesus will awakens your sacred heart, attuning you to the power of the miraculous and will facilitate all other transformations in your life
· Hathor, Ancient Egyptian Goddess will bring beauty and love to your voice so you may speak your divine truth
· Quan Yin, Eastern Goddess of Compassion will clear your fears and emotional attachments. Thus creating confidence and strength to empower your Divine will.
· Tara, Tibetan Goddess of Compassion will remove obstacles from your creative abilities, showering you with the essence of the stars so you may give life to your creations at your solar plexus.
· Gaia, Greek Goddess as Mother Earth and Shakti Hindu Goddess of Primal Energy will give you the foundation of universal support, power and abundance so you may be fully present to the opportunities of the divine and embody your true essence.

· $189 for session over the phone
· This activation can also be performed in groups and at special events. Please contact  Shekina for availability.

powers of the Archangels that align you to the Higher Realms, invoking the archangels, and acts as protection from negative energies.

    Archangels Chamber Attunement Grid
              With Archangel Michael
          Thoughtform Release Clearing
Archangels Chamber of Ascension Protection, Power Healing & Love is a Celestial gateway to the Mystical Miraculous powers of the Archangels that align you to the Higher Realms, invoking the archangels, and acts as protection from negative energies.

Archangel Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection”, is a real energetic dimensional grid of the Divine celestial realms that will strengthen your vibrational frequency. The Archangel Chamber is divine Dispensation given by the Archangels of two rounded pyramids one of top of the other with you in the center. Your Archangels Chamber will clear and transmute negativity keeping you in a sacred space of divine alignment, divine power divine healing, harmony and divine love.

There are 9 archangels at the corners of your Archangel Chamber creating Archangel Alchemy for your life that include the 3 fold flame Archangels at your heart and with Shekinah and Gaia .Each archangel will personally shower you with their divine healing blessings as your energetic archangel chamber is created. You can call on the Archangel Chamber of Ascension Protection, Power Healing & Love at any time that will create instant heavenly Sacred Power of the God source.

Archangel Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection

Strengthens your connection, and communication with the Archangels and angelic realms
· Use to magnify and focus your intentions and affirmations
· Increase and empowers all healing.

Archangel Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection attunement $188

                            13- 33- 333
  Master Heart  Empathic Star Being Upgrade
  Anchors Your Spirit in Your Body Core essence  
      ~Activation of the Angelic Chakras~
           Ancient Sacred Technologies
               to Be in Divine Alignment `

These Sacred God Code points "the Angelic Chakras", given by Divine Dispensation and active by the Cosmic gateways of 11:11~12:12 ~10:10 and 13- 33- 333...These electro magnetic frequencies of your sacred linage go back to your Original Creation; your Divine essence. These Cosmic pulses, "electromagnetic frequencies of the universe", are awakening with in you the Christ return. Many Star light angelic beings here on earth have experiences upgrades your whole life, tones in your ears they are from your sacred linage of Light, the Cosmic Pulse of the Universe.

You be restored in the "Breath of Life": Essential for all star empathic Angelic beings to move forward and embody their Divine Original Blue Print and receive the holy codes of the universe of Light. This
will empower your divine Powers, Divine Path, accessing your Higher Gifts so may live a Higher Purpose.

Restoring the Breath of Life will assist you to:
Release the trauma, negativity and emotional charges in your body
and energy fields. For many these has caused disease, pain, distortion of divine truth and disconnection to a greater alignment of grace with your Divine Power and access to manifestations and Peace

Activating the Gaia points the new Angelic Chakra will: balance and align your electromagnetic fields to Gaia's crystalline heart Christ Grid. That will upgrade and Reactivating the Cosmic pulse and electromagnetic frequency in your body to Gaia's and the harmony of the Universe/God

You require these signals of the Earth Grid that put in you and your energy systems back into balance Divine alignment divine power. The Master sacred heart frequency will integrate your parts releasing what does not serve you now in the new energetic of your Ascension process.

Master Heart Frequency resonance 33 will harmonize your Divine essence in the body, balancing and aligning all your energetic fields and restoring the sacred pulse of the universe, Cosmic Source Creation.

You will be activated and learn how to use the God Code Points, this invaluable divine toll puts your energies into balance while grounding and stabling You. The Gaia, God Code point of the body, is a sacred tool for the empathic star beings, as you go through purification, healing and transformation that will create ease, grace stability and instant transformation.

*Session $188.00 over the phone


Rose Ray Annointing ~ Shekinah Dispensation

Divine Cellular Healing & Soul Activation In the 528 Hz Language of Light  Miracle Solfegio frequencies
Live Vocal Transmissions

Activation of your Divine Original Blue Print  ~God Heart DNA
Infused by the powerful vortex energy at Sedona Cathedral Rock

Experience the Sacred Rose Ray Anointing that empowers your Soul's Destiny, Spiritual Gifts and Transmutes Blockages, and where you will receive messages from your highest spirit guide & angels.

Receive activation of your Holy BluePrint Codes downloaded from your Souls I am presence. In an Archangel Chamber of Light, you be anointed by the Sacred Rose Heart of the Divine Mother; {the Shekinah Dispensation that is the Divine Presence of the Feminine aspects of the Godhead}. You will hear and feel the angelic harmonic vocals directed by your Souls Core Essence in the Language of Light, which contains miraculous mystical healing powers of the divine that transmutes negative energies.

in person sessions in Sedona AZ
 or on phone Rose Ray Annointing Cost 188.00,
please check to see for in person session availablity


Soul Star Alignment Origins Galactic DNA 
 Human Codes Activation -188.00
Are you ready like you to communicate with higher dimensional beings and the sacred knowledge of your soul star?  Soul Star alignment Galactic DNA Human Codes will realign and activate you with the star systems of your origins.  What is most significant to your soul that wishes to communicate from your DNA codes Divine Original Blue print.
Trough tele etheric links of the sacred Language of light will awaken abilities, information and telepathic awareness from those origins that are most prominent to your Galactic connections of Higher Frequency Energies and origins.

From the top of your crown chakra connects you to your soul star there are 3 higher chakras energy center that will be activated of your Galactic DNA Human Codes. What will be revealed by these connections with in the body and energy maybe be different and unique to each individual. And will be determined by the groups, lineage, planet, realm you are from are ready to know and be active too and once I get into your energy field.

Find out what your ET, Galactic ancient lineages are and connections to:

*The Soul Star Chakra

*Enhanced Higher Self

*Pineal gland awakening

*Spiritual gifts

*Astral travel, clairvoyance and telepathy

*Powers of intuition

*Greater connection to your Galactic guides, counsels and lineage

*Divine white light

*Your Greater Soul’s Purpose

*Transcendence of lower energies and karma contracts

*Tele-etheric communication










Shekina, is powerful, pure of heart and connected to spirit in every way. She will guide you to your true divine connection to God.”

(Brigitte Malaaya Britton author of “The Palm Beach Way”)

Shekina has a gift to hear and channel the Angelic Sound Transmissions of Light for instant healing and Divine Alignment. It is incredible and quite remarkable to experience.

Linda Watts (Life coach).


Thank you Shekina, for your channeling is Beyond Mind, beyond world, bringing the Divine Language and Grace to uplift who so ever has the good fortune and open heart to hear.

(Susanna Horton, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer and Alchemist in LA, CA.)

I had such a beautiful healing experience and I am deeply honored to be at your presence of pure love, light and healing. I want to thank you for your service of your heart, and your soul, and your highest regards for me. I have enjoyed each moment with you over the phone. It's pure magic. With love and gratitude.

(Ping Li)

Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection
Language of Light DNA Core Ascension Activation
DNA Upgrade Template -Clearing Master Codes
Goddess Transformations Shekinah's Goddess Attunement
Blessings Shekina,
This upgrade will be so healing and sacred for all who choose it and I would be honored to allow my experience to illustrate that to others.

I got a call from a client/friend yesterday. From the moment I said, 'hello', she raved at how high my energy felt and how much she could feel a shift in me. I told her of our session and she was very excited. I believe she may have called you already, but if not, then she will be calling soon. I think your work would be a blessing to her.

I have been feeling much humor, love, passion and 'light' since our session.

Thank you again for your assistance in helping me to remember the all that
"I am.
(Cindee Barns)
Archangels Chamber Attunement
$188,00 Master Heart Upgrade
Rose Ray Anointing
$188,00 Master Heart Upgrade
Master Heart Frequency Resonan
Soul Star Alignment Origins Ga

New Pleaidian StarGate Pendant Activators 


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